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Team Aria’s Mission

As parents of an epilepsy warrior, our mission is to help raise and spread epilepsy awareness through sharing our story with you. To share our hope and perseverance, and the strength and ambition that Aria demonstrates everyday. We’d like to encourage others to share their stories, blogs, websites, advocacy pages, etc., and join us in raising epilepsy awareness.

Your story is the key that can unlock someone else’s prison.

If you or a loved one has/is dealing with epilepsy and the daily struggles and triumphs that come with it, share your story with us to be featured on our blog. Tell us about you, how epilepsy affects you and those around you, and how you continue to persevere as an epilepsy warrior and/or caregiver.

Our hearts are with you purple-heart

Epilepsy Blogs

Brain Blips: An Epilepsy Journey
Learning About and Living with Epilepsy, a Mother/Daughter Blog

A Moon, Worn as if it had Been a Shell
Where Poetry, Parenting, Disability, Mermaids, and Politics Intersect

Brain Thunders
Support, Hope and Advocacy for Those Who Live Each Day with Epilepsy

Calvin’s Story
A Mother’s Journey Through the Anguish, Grief, Joy and Triumph of Raising a Chronically Ill, Disabled, Extraordinary Child, and How He Helps Shape Her Views of the World.

Carpe Diem
Mary Lou on Epilepsy and Life

Enduring Epilepsy

The Epilepsy Cure
Our Site is Dedicated to Providing the Most Reliable, Complete, and Up-to-Date Information…

Extraordinarily Unordinary
My Son’s Epilepsy Journey

Insights into Epilepsy
A Place to Share Your Experience with Epilepsy

Life at Full Volume
Sita Gaia

Mixed Up Mommy
TSC Awareness

PCDH19 Epilepsy – Foster Care – Adoption – Life

Ragdoll Mummas
A Place to Chat About Epilepsy and Special Needs with a Touch of Humour and Insanity

Restoring Elijah

Seizing Hope

Star in Her Eye
Mothering a Special Girl

Team Bunz
This Journey is too Sweet not to Share

The Art of Living with Epilepsy
The Ups, the Downs and All Things Life

Walking with Carly

What Epilepsy is Really Like
Well, it’s What I Think Anyway…


We all deal with the struggles of epilepsy and accompanying conditions, no matter how our cases differ, we give each other hope.

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