We know about the plant, we know about the patent, tell the DEA: “Talk to the 6630507 hand.”

    The U.S. government filed for a patent on the medicinal properties of marijuana as far back as 1999. Marijuana is currently listed as a Schedule 1 substance, the strictest category of the Controlled Substances Act, deeming it as dangerous, addictive, and no medical value.
The amount of information in this particular patent number alone,
disqualifies marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act.
    So why did the DEA refuse to reschedule it? Why does the government continue to deny the public the safest drug on Earth?
    Aria has seizures everyday, she was on 5 different AEDs, 4 on the daily and one as a rescue that was used about once a month or so. She was developmentally delayed, miserable everyday, inconsistent appetite, and practically a zombie. Surgery didn’t stop the seizures, and she was still on all the AEDs with all their nasty side effects, which largely contributed to her developmental issues.
    We gave MMJ a shot, now she’s more than three months PHARMA-FREE, medical marijuana REPLACED five AEDs, her quality of life has significantly improved, she’s caught up developmentally, and still making progress every week. She still has daily seizures, but they have been reduced by 95% compared to her baseline before MMJ, and they no longer take a physical and mental toll on her.
Medical marijuana has made one hell of difference
in Aria’s treatment for intractable seizures.
    So ask yourself, why does the federal government continue to deny the medical value of marijuana, while they hold patents on it’s medical properties?
Stop the hypocrisy with a “Talk to the 6630507 Hand” 
(this  submission does not have to be epilepsy related)

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